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Описание игры Starpoint Gemini Warlords GOLD PACK

The Starpoint Gemini Warlords Gold Pack is the ultimate package for fans of the series wanting to experience everything that the latest edition has to offer.

In this complex universe, dramatic events from the past continue to echo throughout Gemini, while new challenges appear daily.

This time, your determination to respond to any new threat is boosted by enhanced game mechanics, allowing you to command ships, fleets, economies, and even an Empire. A new strategic layer, combined with tactical real-time action now gives you a chance to control the destiny of your people from both the frontline as well as the Emperor's throne room.

The Starpoint Gemini Warlords Gold Pack includes the base game and all 5 DLCs, plus the special Deluxe version of the game. Get access to more ship varieties, unique characters, expanded territories, new story twists and scenarios from entirely different perspectives.

If space is never big enough for you, and you feel there are never enough possibilities, this will change your mind.

In order to activate this game, you will require a third-party 'Steam' account. For full details on how to activate please follow this link: //support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-TFBN-1352


Legal Notice / EULA

Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Rise of Numibia © 2018 Little Green Men Games. Developed by Little Green Men Games. Licensed exclusively worldwide to and published by Iceberg Interactive B.V. All brands, product names, and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Made in Europe.

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