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Описание игры Skilltree Saga

Skilltree Saga is the first Rogue-like RPG set in Aventuria - the world of The Dark Eye. Choose to play as human, elf or dwarf and battle randomly generated opponents in over 100 stages, developing a set of magical, enhanceable skills. 


A sinister army of orks and goblins led by the Dark Ruler Sargul are besieging the city of Griffinsford. To make matters worse, your beloved, the daughter of Baron Griffontrue, was abducted, and you desperately take up pursuit. When ambushed by goblins, you are saved by a master of the mysterious Elemental Knights. You are given the rare opportunity to become part of this elite and ancient hidden order. After intensive crash course training, it is up to you to defeat the sinister horde that threatens to overrun the land. 

Motivating Rogue-like Elements

Randomly generated monsters and treasure await the brave Elemental Knight in the margravate of Griffinsford. Defeat enemies and gather from a wide variety of equipment, which you must don to enhance attributes like Strength, Cleverness or Constitution. In the market you can trade equipment and purchase provisions. Use diamonds to purchase rare astral and healing potions to replensih your Astral Energy and health.

Round-based Duelling

Careful consideration is mandatory when facing the minions of Sargul! Choose from a variety of skills, damage your enemy with wind and water magic or force them to their knees with powerful fire spells. Learn and upgrade your skills. You will need them! So too, your enemies will strike at you with magical skills of their own. Fire will burn your skin, ice chill your bones. Other skills will enfeeble your senses or rain death down upon you.

Skilltree with numerous spells of the Elemental Knights

You start as an unknown adventurer of either human, elf or dwarf origin. In your conflicts against dangerous monsters, you will earn experience to increase your power steadily. Through level ups you will earn Adventure Points, which can be used to enhance your skills and learn new spells. 

Over 100 levels of challenging dungeons. Rogue-style!

Choose from several dungeons to challenge and master. Hidden within you will encounter deadly creatures, chests filled with treasure or fountains of healing. You may come across a shady but neutral goblin merchant, who will offer to sell you items and equipment on your journey. Fall to a dungeon's dangers and you will be forces to begin anew, but with the experience earned in your attempt. Only the most bravest and strongest will face and conquer the more difficult dungeon bosses, and lend immortality to their name in the hall of heroes!

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