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Описание игры Knights of Pen and Paper 2 - Dragon Bundle

The Dragon Bundle will give you both the base game and Here Be Dragons expansion!

Knights of Pen and Paper II:

Prepare to join Knights of Pen & Paper 2 in a turn-based, retro style, pixel-art adventure full of danger, intrigue, and semi-appropriate cultural references!

Assemble your party and control your group of pen and paper role-players as they are guided through their adventures by the Game Master.  All the fun of pen and paper RP, none of the lost dice!

Now including races like Dwarf or Elf, assemble the party of your choice, choose quests and combat encounters, delve into dungeons, craft powerful items, and complain loudly to the GM!

Play a group of pen and paper gamers playing a pen and paper role playing game 
Punch a Panda! Explore your anger management issues in the FREE Fist Of +1 Fury expansion!
Create your own characters, how about a Rocker Dwarf Warrior or a Cheerleader Elf Monk
More contemporary geeky jokes than you can stuff in a CAVE! Gotta catch them all!
Lots of monsters, equipment, a crafting system, and things to customize.
There's no paying your way to victory here!  Start with all of the content, unlock it with the blood, sweat, and gold coins, of your party!
Customizable hot keys, Steam Controller and Gamepad support
Knights of Pen and Paper II - Here Be Dragons:

The latest expansion for Knights of Pen and Paper 2, Here Be Dragons, takes your heroes to the kingdom of Expandria! Meet the Expandria Royalty and their court, go to knight school to become a... Knight!

Travel across land, sea, air – fight your way through caves and on occasion mud in an epic quest! Stop smugglers, face witches & pugbears, and slay dragons in order to save the day and get shiny loot. If all this becomes too much to handle - you can help the King with his crosswords instead.

Great new things!
All-new high-level campaign with Increased skill cap!
New side quests, locations, crafting recipes etc and so forth.
Dragon fights and a Mad King!
Did we mention dragons?

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