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Описание игры Imperium Romanum Gold Edition

The city builder strategy game Imperium Romanum is set in the time-honoured Roman Empire and players will marvel in the incredible attention to detail when working on a strategy to build a well organised, prosperous and commanding settlement. As governor of a Roman province, the fortune very much lies in the players own hands.

Imperium Romanum is packed with a variety of new features to enhance the gameplay such as a complete overhaul of the graphic engine, a mass of authentic historical buildings such as the world famous Circus Maximus or Gladiator schools.

The Emperor Expansion pack takes the player to voyage through ancient history, from cold Britannia via the wild forests of Germania to the fertile Nile Delta in Cleopatra's Egypt.

19 challenging, new scenarios at historic places such as Aquae Sulis (Bath), Hadrians Wall, Massilia or Treverorum will require all your comprehensive economic and strategic leadership abilities to succeed. Not only your competence, but also your exposure with religion and the Roman deities like Jupiter or Venus will play an important role to accomplish your mission as a Roman governor.

Will you be able to earn the mercy of the gods and rule the empire successfully?


Contains Imperium Romanum full version plus the AddOn "Emperor Expansion"
Improved battle system with siege machines
Vivid game environments with change of day and night as well as weather changes
New historically accurate settings, units and event
New currency and improved trade mechanics
Crime, riots and natural disasters
Many new units (i.e. Equites — Roman horsemen)
Historically authentic buildings (Circus Maximus, Colosseum, Insulate etc.)
Interactive mission-mode: Activate each task when you want
Construction of bridges, fortifications, city walls, and aqueducts
Stunning, epic soundtrack
Photorealistic and lively 3D-environment
Features for Emperor Expansion
Enhanced graphics and new building designs
4 new, challenging campaigns:
Conquest of Britannia
Wilds of Germania
Colonization of Africa
Caesar's Civil War
19 new, comprehensive scenarios
Bigger maps for Ceasar's Civil War campaign
Many new task tablets and additional speech
New game speed level and larger maps
Religion and 5 deities influence the gameplay
Includes all prior released value packs and patches

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